From 2007 onwards Joosten has professional experience as lecturer and trainer, introducing students to the basics of olfactory design of spaces, the use of essential oils during work or at home, to create a balanced and supporting environment for inspired activities or peaceful leisure.

"An olfactory journey" Workshop Japan House London (June 2022)

Participants created their own personalised air mist spray, using Japanese botanical scents in short workshops. The introduction lecture by Maurice Joosten provided information about the centuries old Japanese olfactory tradition, the sourcing and distillation/extraction of Japanese essential oils and the main characteristics of each specific mixture.

“Essential Summer Solstice event: Make Scents of Heckfield/ Essential oils blending” Heckfield Place Hotel, Hampshire UK (June 2022)

After a short introduction on the basics of blending essential oils and exploring each of the 4 Heckfield Place signature scents, every participant had the chance to create a personalised oil blend and room spray.

“Architecture X Scenting Design” Event @aroma, Aoyama Tokyo (May 2022)

As a result of a unique collaboration between aroma designers and Japanese architects 6 on-site case studies were presented. On this occasion, Joosten presented his original fragrance designed for Shiroiya Hotel, Maebashi Japan, in collaboration with the renowned Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto.

“Friends and Neighbours”, Event @aroma Studio, Berlin (March 2022)

After a short introduction to the concept of Scent Architecture & Design, visitors were invited to directly experience a wide range of original blends and case studies.

“Essential oils blending workshop” Heckfield Place, Hampshire UK (March 2019)

The workshop took place in the beautiful green house located in the upper walled garden of the Heckfield estate. The participants learned more about the use of essential oils and how to blend them for personal use at home or at work.

“Aroma space Design, an olfactory journey” Event by @aroma at Japanese Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania (May 2018)

In his lecture Joosten gave an overview of the century old Japanese tradition of room scenting and the contemporary applications and use of essential oils in our daily lives.

"The New Frontier for Interior Design: Scent and music as part of brand perception", Event in collaboration with Houzz and HearDis!, @aroma Studio Berlin (June 2017)

A lecture on multi sensory marketing and the synergetic use of olfactory and audio design.

"Re-Thinking Interior Design: Room scenting as part of Interior Design", Event in collaboration with BDIA Berlin, @aroma Studio, Berlin (February 2017)

A presentation for members of the Association of German Inner Architects about the opportunities of Aroma Space Design for interior architects.

Teacher Aroma Space Design School, @aroma HQ Tokyo (2010-2011)

As part of a course programme by @aroma, Joosten taught courses on room scent design for beginners and advanced students about the direct link between visual and olfactory design and how to use scents in specific interior designs.

Yoga teacher (2007-2012)

Joosten gave weekly Kashmir yoga classes in Yokohama, Kamakura and in a traditional Japanese wooden temple in Chizanso, Hayama Japan. The focus of the contemplative yoga classes was on increasing body awareness and inner sense experience, beyond the mind.